Q: Where do I find the warranty activation number and the watch model number?

A: The warranty activation number is located on the warranty card that came with your watch.  Sometimes is is referred to as the Certificate Number.  The watch model number is typically found on the back of the watch case.

Q: Is this warranty as good as the manufacturer's warranty?

A: We have designed this warranty service to be as good or better then the service provided by the manufacturer.  The length of warranty time is the same and we do not charge any in-warranty service, handling or shipping charges.  We use the same factory parts as the manufacturer and our technicians are fully qualified. 

Q: How long does warranty service take?

A: Typically, we require two weeks from receipt to repair and re-certify your watch, not counting time back to your location in transit.  Rarely will we require a bit more time if the problem is intermittent or tricky.

Q: What is not covered under the warranty?

A: All manufacturers’ defects are covered.  Battery replacement will be done free of charge on all warranty repairs (quartz watches) but simple dead batteries (with no other problems) would not be covered.  This is rare because the movements are designed to have battery life--well in excess of the length of the warranty. However, power cells on multi-function watches (such as alarms or chronographs) can be depleted pre-maturely by excessive use of features.  We would ask for a nominal charge if your watch is not broken but merely needed a new battery.  You are also free to have a local watchmaker check the watch for a dead battery before you send it to us.  However, we can not be responsible for damage done by improper servicing by other then our technicians.  Abuse of the watch is not covered and if your watch has a locking or "screw" type crown, you must keep it closed tightly, to prevent moisture from entering. Water damage to non-water resistant watches is not a covered repair.  If your watch does not indicate "water resistant" on the face or back, is not water-resistant and must not be subjected to water.  Even water-resistant watches can be damaged by hot water or corrosive chemicals commonly found in hot-tubs.  Such damage would not be covered.  Missing parts can not be replaced free of charge.   We include return postage and insurance to 50 U.S. States for all in-warranty repairs.  If the client is outside the USA and wants the watch repaired by us under the warranty, they are responsible for all costs of inbound freight and any other misc. postal/delivery costs incurred by us.  International customers must also assume the cost of return (outbound) postage and insurance.  Contact us at the time the repair is needed and we will provide greater details, as different countries have different provisions and varied costs and shipping requirements.

Q: When the warranty is over, who fixes the watch?

A: Once the warranty is expired, you can have your watch repaired locally, send it to a national repair center (of your choosing) or contact us.  Our service center is not intended to produce a profit (which is partly what makes it superior to many others, including even certain factory service facilities, which have no operating budget).  If you contact us for service after the warranty is over, we will recommend one or more national service centers and provide instructions on how to obtain their service for a fee. However, this referral will be done as a recommendation, based on our past experience and based on positive customer feed-backs. We will make no assurances as to your ultimate experience with the after-warranty service center.  After the referral, you would be dealing with them directly or you may still choose to have your watch repaired locally or using a different method.