The link below provide a printable PDF file of the operating directions for the model listed. 


General Care Instructions for Other Jarel Watches :

1. Do not expose your watch to water unless it is marked "water resistant" on the face or the back. Non-water-resistant watches exposed to water are not covered under warranty.  Even water-resistant watches should not be submerged in hot water.  Leather straps may not be water-resistant even if the watch itself is so marked.  Exposure to caustic chemicals--such as detergents or bromides (commonly found in spa water) may also compromise the watch's water protection.

2. Do not attempt to open watch to replace batteries yourself as this operation must be performed by a qualified jeweler under very controlled dust-free conditions.

3. If your watch has Calendar and/or Day features, it probably has a "quick-set" mechanism, which allows you to advance the calendar (date) rapidly.  This is done by pulling the stem 1/2 way out and turning.  Do not perform this procedure when the time showing is between 9-pm and 3-am.  If necessary, pull the stem all the way out (2-clicks) and advance the hands past 3-am.  Then press all the way in and pull out again 1/2 way (1-click).  Advance the calendar and date by turning the crown (stem).  Keep in mind that you may need to advance the hands past 12-midnigt (to complete the setting).  So you may want to stop the rapid advance 1-day early.  Press in fully and pull out 2-clicks--to advance the hands.  Always advance the hands forward and do not move too quickly. 

> Some watches feature screw type crowns, before the time of day can be set, the crown must first be opened by turning counter-clock-wise.  It will pop out and then set normally.  After setting, the crown is closed by pressing in while turning clock-wise.  Make sure this is snugly closed before using. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT AUTOMATIC-WINDING (MECHANICAL) WATCHES - Automatic winding watches use wrist motion to supply the power to run the movement.  They do not contain batteries.  When worn each day, the watch will save-up enough excess kinetic power to run the movement for another 24 to 36 hours.  If the watch is left idle for longer periods, it will need to be re-set.  Mechanical movements are not as accurate as quartz modules and it is customary for the watch to gain or loose up to 45-secs per day.